About Us

Chess Podcasts began in 2008 as an amateur chess player producing podcasts (surprisingly on chess) for a handful of people.  These videos ranged in size from a short 2 minute "puzzle" video to a 30 minute in-depth "opening" video.

The popularity of these podcasts catapulted the downloads to the top of the iTunes charts, where it remained for nearly 2 years.  The website you are viewing now began to receive hundreds of views each day and was being linked to be numerous sources.  Whilst all of this is generally good news it led to higher quality videos needing to be produced at a time when work commitments were also increasing.  Chess Podcasts went from being a weekly output to one only being produced on a bi-monthly basis.

It was decided in early 2012 to re-launch Chess Podcasts with high-quality 3rd party videos and bring back the weekly videos.  This is the version of Chess Podcasts you see and enjoy today.

Mike & Stu

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