Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Chess Podcast 10 - Game 2

Chess Podcast 10 - Game 2

: Short, N. Versus L'Ami, E., Wijk aan Zee, Corus Chess Tournament, 19/01/2009

Four Knights Game, with Short taking the tactical battle to L'Ami. Short by name, short by nature, this game was over quickly and brutally.


pechesscast said...

Hi Michael,
You need to review podcasts before you post or at least spot check review. Also watch for saying the correct piece moves. You say for example h2 instead of h7. Hope this helps. It's very important to be correct in these matters. I have caught myself from time to time. Good luck! PE

Michael Quigley said...

Thanks for the feedback PE. I'm improving with each new Podcast and hopefully these errors will be cut down.

I hope you enjoy the Podcasts and keep watching.