Friday, 12 June 2009

Chess Podcast 43 - Opening 7

Chess Podcast 43 - Opening 7

: The second part of our look at the French defence. This time resources for White when there's an exchange on c3.


Someone said...

Great video! You should come check out, join the forum there, you would fit right in with some of the excellent video makers there, like Dennis Monokroussos and others. Tell em JWhis sent you :D.

Michael Quigley said...

Hi Someone,

I've had a couple of people say I should check out I think I might start uploading past podcasts there.

I avoid youtube, because I try to concerntrate on putting chess videos where they currently don't appear. There's very few regular chess podcasts, so that was my "market niche".

But putting them on the "chess video libary" of sounds like a good idea. I will check this out over the weekend.

I think there are some brilliant amateur chess video makers on youtube and chessvideos and encourage everyone to check them out, when on the computer. But also download mine and watch them on the bus/train when out and about! Heck, watch mine on the internet too :-)


Thanks for your feedback and encouragement.