Sunday, 28 June 2009

Chess Podcast 46 - Quick Game 1

Chess Podcast 46 - Quick Game 1

: Here's a quick "live" game from messing about on the FICS. The quality of the game is rubbish, but I didn't have chance to make 10 and pick the best. These will get beter in quality as my rating improves on the site (first time on) and the opponents get better.

Useful for seeing what FICS looks like, I guess.


Andrew Christ said...

You might like the Free Internet Chess Server better if you use the BabasChess GUI.

Michael Quigley said...

Thanks Andrew,

I'll download this and give it a go. I've just got back from a long flight and have plenty of catching up to do, but will produce a new podcast on Mon or Tues.

Probably not going to be a "quick" podcast.

Thnaks for your comment,